Waste oil heater OB500

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Waste Oil Heater, Multi Oil, Diesel Oil Heater, Used oil Heater OB500


  • Can burn wide range of used oil, eg. used engine oil, cooking oil, light oil, save cost
  • Industrial use only, you can use it in the warehouse, shed, factory, but NOT inside the house.
  • Max oil consumption: 1.5kg/h
  • Heating output power: 30kw
  • Output heating temperature: 60 C
  • Heating space: 120-150 m2 Air
  • Flow volume: 1000 m3/h
  • 240V/50Hz/1ph
  • Electricity consumption: 0.3kw
  • Packing size: 930 x 590 x 1520mm
  • Gross weight: 126kg