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Australia’s Premier Car Lifts And Car Hoists For Sale Here

Whether you’re a dedicated hobbyist or a hard-working automotive professional, servicing and maintaining vehicles is always hard work. So why would you make it harder for yourself by trying to work with sub-par equipment – especially when the best tools in Australia are so easy to access, right here in CarHoist’s online store! We are the innovators and disruptors of our industry, providing top quality car and vehicle hoists of every possible kind and configuration for a great, competitive price. Before you buy your next hoist for the workshop or garage, take a quick look through our catalogue and be sure to compare our offerings and incredible sale prices to those of our competitors. We have the utmost confidence that we are bringing Australian mechanics the most exciting deals ever when it comes to car hoists, car lifts, tyre changers and wheel balancers; and we are only growing and improving our business with time.

The leading choice for every hoist

If you’re working with any sort of vehicle regularly then the decision is simple; you should be using a proper hydraulic-powered hoist. No amateur workshop or professional garage is complete without at least one car lift or hoist, and most likely more than one, considering the variety of vehicles a professional shop especially must work with on a daily basis. No matter what sort of car hoist is the right fit for you, we’ll supply it anywhere in Australia.

We stock single post car hoist, two post and 4 post car hoist, as well as scissor hoist, and truck hoist. With a range of options for most hoists you can easily specify a mobile hoist, choose from a clear floor or baseplate design, or add an SUV adapter to your 2-post hoist before you order. We also carry a small but high-value range of other products for your workshop, including waste oil heaters, automated wheel balancers, and tyre changers in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic varieties.

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If you need a car hoist, car lift, or other mechanical equipment for your Australian workshop then don’t hesitate; head to our website now, browse our amazing catalogue, and order the tools you need with our great deals on shipping and handling. Alternatively, you can call our store on 0387521412 and we will answer any product or business enquiries you might have.