Brake disc machine BL200

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Brake Disc Lathe, Disc Brake Lathe Machine, Brake Machine, Disc Machine
On Car and Off Car. You can use it on car, no need to take out the disc from cars, as well as off-car, take disc out and put it onto machine to cut it.
  • Working height min/max: 1/1.25m
  • Drive speed: 98rpm
  • Electrical specifications: 240V/50Hz/1ph
  • Ambient temperature range: -25to50°c
  • Turning accuracy: ≤0.002-0.005mm
  • Brake disc runout: ≤0.00-0.005mm
  • Brake disc thickness variation: 0.005-0.01mm
  • Brake disc surface roughness Ra: Ra 1.5-2.0µm
  • Packing size: 85x47x43cm, 91x51x31cm
  • Gross weight: 77kg, 40kg